Progression of Season Catcher Homerun Record
(Playing Catcher Position Only)

The Table below lists the catcher season home run leaders for each year. The gaps in years indicates that the previous leader holds the record until broken.  The list has been segmented by the seven acknowledged eras of baseball although the seasonal record carried over from era to era in some cases.

Year Catcher HR
  19th Century  
1876 Lew Brown 2
1877 Pop Snyder 2
1879 Lew Brown & Pop Snyder 2
1881 Charlie Bennett 6
1883 Buck Ewing 7
1884 Silver Flint 9
1889 Duke Farrell 11
1893 Jack Clements 17
  1901-1919 Dead Ball Era  
  1920-1945 Live Ball Era  
1925 Gabby Hartnett 24
1930 Gabby Hartnett 36
  1946-1960 Post-War Era  
1953 Roy Campanella 40
  1961-1972 Expansion Era  
  1973-1999 Modern Era  
1996 Todd Hundley 41
  2000-20nn Millenium 3  
2003 Javy Lopez 42

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